I’ve taken a blog break…well, sort of.

blog break

I felt I owed anyone that had signed up to my blog, or stumbles across it, an explanation for my radio silence.

I originally embarked on A Mummy Life when I went on maternity leave for my first baby. Everything I went through from pregnancy ailments, through to the birth and coping with a newborn, was all so new to me that I loved to write about it. I guess, it was my way of getting everything off my chest. I also felt that this was an experience no-one could ever describe to you, so I felt I wanted to try and describe it to other first time mums.

As the months went on and my little boy grew bigger and bigger, I found writing for my blog harder. Why? Well, I guess living with a baby just became, dare I say it, normal. I felt what I was writing about wasn’t interesting anymore and that people would get bored of reading it. I mean, I was getting bored of writing it.

Anyway, things suddenly got much busier as I took the leap to freelance and work for myself. It’s a decision I’m thrilled I made but unfortunately setting up my business really has been the priority over writing my blog.

Well…that was until I was encouraged by a friend to pitch to the Metro online and write some blog posts for them. I never thought they’d take my stuff, but a few weeks on and my posts are still being published. I’m over the moon!

So I wanted to tell you, I’m taking a blog break, but I’ve not stopped blogging. You can now find my musings at Metro.co.uk if you really want to see what I’ve got to say. This isn’t goodbye forever, just for now.

Finally, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone that supported me on this journey by commenting, liking, following, sharing. Your enthusiasm was amazing and really kept me going. I’m sorry I haven’t returned the generosity by continuing to write, but I’m sure I’ll be back one day soon. Perhaps with baby number two? Surely, there’ll be huge lists of things to write about!

See you soon.

Love me x

P.S If you did want to read any of my Metro posts you can find a few here:

19 things every parent with a one year old will understand

13 things every working mum will understand

The pros and cons of having another baby


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