Nine months = baby tantrums, teething, sleep regression (but lots and lots of babbling and giggles too!)

nine months Jack 2

I haven’t written a post for a while, and wondering why this was, I realised I have the urge to write when I’m finding something extra challenging. So that’s why I’m back.

Dare I say it, the start of February seemed to be going well. I felt I had cracked weaning despite the worries I wrote about previously. I got over my choking fear and even started to feel comfortable letting Jack explore with different kinds of fingers foods. Actually I’m going to digress here as this was a pretty big hurdle for me….

… If you’re a mum feeling the same overwhelming feeling I did with weaning then I promise you’ll get there. In fact I had to go all the way to breaking point before I cracked it.

One mealtime I sat in front of Jack sobbing. I was so scared he was going to choke that every time he put something in his mouth I fished it straight back out again. I was upset. Jack was upset. It was a disastrous mealtime! Knowing that I was the only person stopping Jack from enjoying his food, it was in that instant that I knew I needed to nip this in the bud. Pulling myself together I turned to good old google. There was a really helpful thread on Netmums where lots of other mums were talking about having the same problems as me. The best thing I read was that babies often gag and cough when eating because this is how they learn to swallow different textures. But it doesn’t mean they’re choking. A great piece of advice is if your baby gags or coughs, sit on your hands for ten seconds. Before those ten seconds are up your baby will have sorted it all out and swallowed or spat out the food. If they haven’t then you know to step in. As soon as I started doing this, Jack and I relaxed a lot more, as it’s right, he’ll simply sort out what to do with the food in his mouth. It always amazes me that these babies are a lot more clever than we think they are! The more and more I relaxed the more confident we both got.

nine months 3

Let loose with the broccoli!

Anyway…back to what I was actually going to write about. As I said, I hadn’t written anything for a while as everything was going smoothly. Ok nothing was perfect, as that’s life with a baby right, but I felt confident and comfortable and we were all getting along just fine. Google was my best friend after I had Jack. I would literally google everything about babies. In our month of things going well, I realised I hadn’t googled a thing for ages. I felt we had settled into parenthood and just going with gut instinct, and more importantly it was working. People used to always tell me to go with instinct and for once I was.

Well, that was until Jack had one bug followed by another bug. Poorly Jack equals no sleep for mum and dad. It also means we have a very clingy little boy who cries a lot. Not poor little Jack’s fault as he’s poorly. It’s just tough on Pete and I as you can’t put him down for two seconds without him crying. Just going for a wee is monumental.

Nine months Jack

“So what if I have a crab on my head…that’s how I like it!”

Bedtime was also proving difficult. And just when we thought bedtime couldn’t get any worse…it did. One night I went to put Jack down and he point blank refused. Threw a full on paddy and wouldn’t stop screaming unless I picked him up.  After an hour of this I thought I’d take him away from the sleep environment and try again in half an hour when he’d be so tired he couldn’t fight the sleep. Things went on like this for four hours…yes four hours. By this point it was 10 o’clock. Pete and I had tried everything: milk, rocking, singing, the mobile, baby lullaby tracks on YouTube, cuddles in our bed…the list is endless. We tried it all. Looking at each other lost for words, Pete and I agreed we had to take drastic action…the car it was!

Getting in the car at 10.30pm Jack continued to scream. However, as soon as the car started moving within five minutes he was a goner, fast asleep. We couldn’t believe it. Now we had the issue of keeping him asleep when transferring him from the car to his cot. I’m not going to lie, it did cross our minds to all sleep in the car! But Pete, the hero, managed to do it. I really wish I could’ve filmed us, it would’ve been hilarious. We looked petrified that Jack would wake up.

So bang, after weeks of no online searching I think I was googling all night. Not being able to sleep I searched the internet high and low from about midnight until 3am:

  • Tantrums at 8/9 months
  • Baby not sleeping at 9 months
  • Baby refusing to go to sleep at 9 months
  • Crying so hard babies voice went
  • Can a baby have a tantrum at 9 months

…you get the picture. It continued like this for a while. Google kept throwing up the “sleep regression” period. “A sleep what?” I thought. Have you heard of this? Because I hadn’t!

Apparently, babies start going through a sleep regression at 4 months, and then again at 8-10 months and 12 months. The latter sit in line with when your baby starts crawling and walking. The articles I read said it could last anywhere from one day to weeks/months. Months?! I couldn’t bear the thought of dealing with that every night for months on end.

The next night we were panic stricken. Would it happen again? Thankfully Jack went down quite well. He did wake quite a few times in the night but we didn’t have any paddies. We’ve had another night since when the tantrums start in the middle of the night, but thank goodness we haven’t had to take drastic action and get in the car again…well yet, any way!

So, basically the morale of this story is, you think you’ve cracked it but these babies certainly keep us on our toes. If you’re experiencing something similar good luck and I hope it doesn’t last long. And if you have any tips how to get over the sleep regression period pleeeaaasseee send them our way.

I must add that the nine month milestone hasn’t all been tantrums and no sleep. Jack really is turning into a playful little character and has us in stitches most days. We love you little Jack, tantrums and all.

nine months 4

Like butter wouldn’t melt…

Love me xxx

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