Abbie Loves: eFRAME – 10% off for all friends!

eframe picture

I was approached by eFRAME last month to review what the online framing retailer had to offer. I just had to say yes as with Jack being so little we’re taking photos all the time – yes I’m one of ‘those’ parents! We haven’t got around yet to getting many photos printed and framed, so I couldn’t resist having a go.

All I had to do was visit and order what I fancied…this was heaven for me considering how much I LOVE shopping.

I did have a photo in mind that I wanted to frame. The beauty of the site is it prints a picture for you and frames it in one step, before being delivered to your door. With everyone having pictures on their computer and phone now, it’s a great idea as it cuts out visiting a printing shop and then going to buy the frame.

I didn’t find the service that easy, but then I’m not the most technical person around. You can also end up spending a lot of money so I would recommend having a budget in mind. Despite these points I would definitely recommend the service. I was so excited when Jack’s picture arrived at our door! Now it’s just a case of finding where to put it up in the house…


What: eFRAME is an online framing retail service. You can just order a frame, or you can get them to print your picture and frame it at the same time.

Cost?: It really varies and depends on the size and quality that you’re looking for. You can get a frame for as little as £2.41, but then I ended up spending at least 20 times that!

The good points: If like me you have no time on your hands then this is a great idea. I loved the fact I could upload a picture I had on my computer and see what it looked like in a frame. You can choose the size of the picture and frame, as well as the paper quality of your print. The list is endless really…so if you have some pictures you’d like to put up, I’d definitely recommend having a go.

The not so good points: Now I’m not the best technical person, so this is probably not a very fair comment, but I did find it a bit difficult to use. The hard part was when it came to choosing the frame that sat around the picture. But I eventually got there and am really happy with the end result.

Like what you hear? Visit The company has kindly shared a discount code with me so you can get 10% off! Just enter FRAMING10 at the checkout. Enjoy!

Love me xxx


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