Jack’s First Christmas

Jack 2

I’ve been a bit quiet with posts recently and it’s simply because we’ve had such a lovely time with my husband off work for the Christmas holidays, that my time has been filled up with my boys.  Everything has gone back to normal this week. Initially I felt sad we couldn’t all spend every day together, but then hey if we were all at home all the time I guess it wouldn’t feel as special.

Jack’s first Christmas was so lovely.  I always wondered how the Christmas festivities would go with a baby. Yes, we had to compromise on things and change our usual traditions, but I don’t feel we missed out in anyway. In fact, it’s really nice to see new traditions start to form and Christmas feels magical all over again!

It does make me smile when I think of the changes we made this Christmas with Jack and wonder what my pre-baby self would have thought. I know I would’ve thought that I’d still be out partying even with a baby – oh how wrong my pre-baby self was.

Here’s a few snapshots from our Christmas…

  1. Parties this year included babies…

Parties pre-baby at Christmas consisted of booze filled evenings with hangovers the next day. This year the only parties we were invited too included babies. I convinced Pete to attend our local Baby Sensory Christmas party, thinking he’d come away wondering what the hell he had stepped into. Instead I couldn’t stop smiling as he was dancing around the room with the other Dad’s singing Christmas songs. In Pete’s words, “That was the ultimate in kid’s entertainment!” Brilliant.

 Jack 4

  1. No drinking down the pub on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve afternoons would have been spent in a pub or bar with friends and family. Feeling tipsy we’d make our way home, tuck into naughty food in front of the TV, before putting our heads down ready for Christmas Day.

This year I woke up on Christmas Day hangover free. We went to a Crib service at our local church with Pete and my parents. We sang ‘Away in a Manger’, listened to the story of Christmas, and watched the children in the church help the vicar build the crib with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and all the kings and animals. We then came home, prepped the veggies, laid the table for Christmas Day (thanks for your help mum), and snuggled down to a Christmas film with a glass of prosecco in hand, before heading off to bed at the reasonable hour of 10pm. Very grown up, but very lovely.

Jack 6

  1. Christmas morning…scrambled eggs were still on the menu

I’m sure Christmas morning is only going to get more and more exciting the older Jack gets. To be honest I’d bought Jack’s presents at the start of December, and feeling rather excited about them I gave him most of his presents before Christmas Day, leaving just one for him to open Christmas morning. I really am going to have to control myself the older he gets otherwise I’ll get all sorts of questions about why Santa keeps arriving at our house every weekend in the run up to Christmas Day. Try creating an advent calendar for that one!

Up we got, put on a festive film, and sat down and opened our presents to each other. Lovely.

Our usual tradition is to open our presents then sit down to a tasty treat breakfast of smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. This year we managed to keep to the tradition, only it had a slight twist. The process wasn’t as smooth as usual. Settling Jack into his high chair, one of us let the breakfast go cold while we fed Jack. By the time the person feeding Jack was able to start their breakfast Jack was bored and wanted to get out of the high chair. So all a little frantic…but still special to see Jack enjoying scrambled eggs and toast for the first time!

Jack 14

  1. Nap times had a whole new meaning this year!

People that know Pete and I, know we love a nap. Christmas holidays would often consist of an afternoon nap in front of the TV, or a Christmas Day nap after our bellies were full with festive food. This year the word ‘nap’ had a whole new meaning. No matter how hard I tried to time it so Jack could sit with us for Christmas dinner, just before we were about to serve up we put little Jack down for a nap before he fell  asleep in his high chair. Bless him he slept through the entire table antics! Luckily he woke up in time for pudding.

Jack 8

  1. A play room was incorporated into the Christmas dinner set up

Never have I had to take into account a ‘play area’ when laying a Christmas table. This year not only did I make sure my guests would be comfortable, I created a set up so that our little boy would also be entertained with a play room at the end of the table. The things we do for our little ones.

Jack 7

  1. Christmas dinner pureed

Christmas dinner pureed anyone? That’s exactly what little Jack had…yum.

Jack 9

  1. The games still commenced!

This one has nothing to do with Jack. The only reason I’m mentioning it is because I won the Giant Connect Four tournament. Oh yes! Pete, I beat you. Dad, I beat you. I won! (I know this will be very hard for the two most competitive people to take now that I’ve made this fact go public!)

Jack 5

  1. Mummy had to relax her strict routine habit

I am one of those very annoying ‘routine’ mums. You’ll often hear me say, “Oh I can’t stay I need to get Jack to bed”, or “can we meet later as Jack needs to have a nap.” But as there were lots of festivities to enjoy with family and friends this Mummy had to bite her tongue, scrap the routine and just go with it. The funny thing is I actually think it’s done me the world of good. It made me realise if Jack is out of routine, yes he’s a bit grizzly, but the world doesn’t end! Here’s to a more relaxed routine in 2015…well…maybe.

Jack 12

  1. New Year was celebrated at lunchtime

Every New Year is spent with friends. And this year was no different, but it had a slight twist. We celebrated with friends…at lunchtime! Rock and roll. To be honest it was really lovely. We enjoyed food, bubbles and good company, as well as cute babies to entertain us. After putting Jack to bed, Pete and I then enjoyed more food and a good film, before falling asleep at 11.30pm. Don’t ask me why we didn’t stay up that last half an hour to see the New Year in. I often ask myself that. We were up with little Jack at 2am though as he couldn’t settle…I think he just wanted to say Happy New Year!

 Jack 10

  1. No New Year diets required with a baby!

Finally, every January I commit to dropping a dress size. A very nice positive about having a baby is that all the running around helps keep the weight off. Yes, I put on the pounds over Christmas. But I know as soon as I go back to just Jack and me again which includes walks to see friends, sling-walks around the block (which with a 20lb baby is pretty good weight training!), and lots of up and down the stairs to change nappies, the Christmas festivities will hopefully soon come off. No diet required. Saying that I’ve just tucked into a very naughty takeaway, so perhaps I’ll be holding onto those extra pounds for a bit longer…

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Here’s to a very happy 2015.

Love me x

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