Jack Loves: The Hungry Caterpillar Tummy Time Mat, £28

tummy time imagejack on his tummy

I’ve posted a few ‘Abbie Loves’ reviews for things I’ve discovered along my pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey. Now Jack and I are discovering new things together, I’d like to introduce ‘Jack Loves’. Everything that ‘Jack Loves’ will be items him and I have discovered together that I know either help his development or have bought him fun and entertainment.

This brings me onto The Hungry Caterpillar Tummy Time Mat…

Since Jack has been born health professionals have talked to me (on pretty much every visit I might add) about ‘tummy time’, with the recommendation that Jack has at least ten minutes of tummy time every day. For those of you thinking, “What time?” you’re not alone, I responded with exactly the same comment. Well basically it’s exactly what it says on the tin. Time on your tummy. Not on my tummy of course…

Basically in a nutshell you’re advised to put your baby on their tummy each day for a short period of time to help strengthen their neck muscles, which in turn will help them to hold their head up and eventually encourage them to push up on their arms to start the crawling journey. Now you try putting a newborn flat on their tummy. God bless them, they lie flat with their face on the floor not knowing what to do. Think beached turtle! After a while Jack would just start bawling his eyes out as if to say, “Mum it’s not that great having your face planted into the floor with nowhere to go!” Poor thing.

Anyway, to cut a long ‘tummy time’ story short, 11 weeks on Jack still does not like tummy time. That was until while snooping around JoJo Maman Bebe I discovered The Hungry Caterpillar Tummy Time Mat. It’s fab. Ok Jack still doesn’t like to lie on his front any longer than about five minutes, but he now has more patience for it and doesn’t have his face planted in the floor anymore as he can rest his head on the cushion….I won’t give anymore away, I’ll save it for THE ESSENTIALS:


The Hungry Caterpillar Tummy Time Mat is a colourful play mat that comes with a soft moon shaped cushion. The cushion allows your baby to have something soft to rest their chin on so their faces are not flat to the floor. The cushion also has a mirror and a teething tool, shaped like a strawberry, to give your baby points of interest to keep them entertained while in this position.


At JoJo Maman Bebe I paid £28. A few other retailers sell the mat and they all seem to be retailing around the same price, bar a pound or two.

The good points.

Easy, the moon shaped cushion. Jack’s face used to look so uncomfortable flat on the floor. He’s no longer face planted… well I take that back, he is but at least it’s into a soft cushion now. The colourful mat and items on the cushion keep him entertained too so he’s happier to stay on his tummy for about three minutes, rather than two seconds! Hopefully the more practice he gets the more he’ll get used to the position.

The not so good points.

There aren’t really any bad points, apart from perhaps the price is a bit high for what it is.

Like what you see?

You can purchase the mat from JoJo Maman Bebe here  

If you decide to purchase one, I hope you find your baby prefers tummy time a bit more too. Let’s get those faces off the floor!

Love me and Jack xxx

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