Abbie Loves: Angelcare Video with Movement and Sound Monitor, £139.99


I shopped around and looked at quite a few baby monitors in the run up to Jack’s arrival. The sensor pad monitors’ seemed the popular choice, but I was in two minds as I’d heard they could interrupt your sleep because you’re listening out for the beeps that confirm your baby’s breathing. However, it was my hairdresser in the end who convinced me to buy one as her daughter had reflux and the alarm system on the sensor pad saved her little girl’s life. It required that one comment and I was sold.

Quite a few mums around me had invested in the Anglecare brand, so going on more recommendations I went ahead and purchased the Angelcare Video and Movement Sound Monitor.

Only now that Jack is here am I truly grateful for the recommendations. It really is a great monitor and the sensor pad gives you such peace of mind at night – I especially found this comforting in the early days when you’re tempted to watch your baby sleep all night.


What: The Angelcare Video and Movement Sound Monitor. It includes a sensor pad that sits under the mattress of your Moses basket or cot. The pad links up to the monitor system and records your baby’s breathing movements with a ‘beep’. Heaven forbid, if your baby were to stop breathing the sensor pad would recognise this and start an alarm system to alert you.

The monitor enables you to hear and see your baby on a small screen. Plus there’s a night light function that comes in handy when checking on baby in the dark.

Cost?: We bought ours from John Lewis for £139.99. The Angelcare website also sells them but for more or less double the price, so I’d definitely shop around for the best deal.

The good points: The sensor pad is the main reason why I love it so much and I’m recommending it.

At first you do keep an ear out for the beeps, but after a few nights of getting used to it I guarantee you will feel comforted by the fact that the monitor will let you know if there’s anything to worry about and you’ll start sleeping soundly. Well, as soundly as you can with a new baby and in between the night feeds!

After just eight weeks Jack is now too big for his Moses basket and we’re transferring him into his cot tonight – eek! Now I did think I’d feel more worried about this transition, but the pad gives me so much comfort that I’m actually feeling quite calm. So I’m hoping this shows just how positive I feel about the monitor as I’m sure I would have been a quivering wreck…

The not so good points: The camera isn’t the best as it can be difficult to get into a position where you can see your baby. With a bit of trial and error we manage to manipulate the camera so we can see parts of Jack while we’re downstairs and he’s in bed (yes, shock horror we do get to have an evening to ourselves…sometimes!)

If the camera enabled you to manipulate the angle more easily, then this monitor would certainly be ten out of ten.

Like what you hear? Click on the link here to take you through to the website.


Do feel free to ask me any questions about the monitor if you’re in the process of looking at them and buying one.


Love me xxx





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