Mums-to-be wanted for TV documentary



This is a different kind of post for me, but as I have lots of lovely yummy-mummy-to-be friends I thought some of you, or your friends, might be interested.

I was contacted recently by a casting agency looking for women who are keeping fit and active during their pregnancy. Commissioned by Discovery, the production company are creating a six part documentary series on unusual pregnancies. They want to follow various pregnancies from antenatal appointments, to highs and lows in each trimester, all the way though to the birth of your baby. As Jack is now here, I’m no longer the right candidate for the ‘keeping fit’ pregnancies but I promised the company I would help out by spreading the word.

So if you’re looking to get involved in something a bit different, below are the ‘unusual pregnancy’ categories Discovery is looking for (each category has a hyperlink that will take you through to a web page that gives you more information about that category).

Super-fit pregnancies
Deaf Pregnancies
Dwarf Pregnancies
Amputee Pregnancies
Transsexual pregnancies
Double Lesbian pregnancies
Tall women pregnancies

If you want to get in touch you can find the contact details by following the hyperlinks above or alternatively you can email or call 01908 681 141.

My next post about my journey with Jack is coming, I promise. Writing just takes a lot longer these days as my hands are occupied for at least 90% of my day…and night! But the Dando family are still doing well and we can’t believe how much Jack has grown. Watching him develop is exciting, but I’m not going to lie, five weeks in I’m desperate to see that smile so we start getting something back from the eat, sleep, poop, wind repeat schedule…

Love me xxx

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