Say hello to Jack Paul Christopher Dando

Jack 6 Jack 5 Jack 3 9 June 2014 Jack

There’s been a reason for my silence. Baby Dando surprised us with his very quick arrival on 2 June 2014.

Here he is…say hello to Jack Paul Christopher Dando!

Sunday 1 June seemed like just another normal pregnant day with baby Dando due in nine days (10 June). We had a lovely lunch in a sunny pub garden with our very good friends, and settled down as normal in the evening ready for bed.

Popping to the toilet at 9pm I noticed I’d had my show. “Hoorah, he’s on his way,” I said to Pete.

Now a show can mean something or it can mean nothing – it could be hours before labour starts, but more likely it will be days, even weeks. But no, baby Dando had other ideas.

At 10pm my waters broke and then at 11pm the contractions started. We took a trip to the hospital to check the blood in my waters. All was fine and we were sent home around midnight. However, it was on the way home that baby Dando had decided he didn’t want to hang around and the contractions started coming thick and fast, every two minutes.

What was going through our minds? Surely it wasn’t meant to happen this quickly! We’d been told that first babies take hours, even days to arrive. But we’d also been told that as soon as you have three contractions in ten minutes you should make your way to the hospital. We were having five contractions in ten minutes and on our way HOME from the hospital!

As soon as we got home the contractions were coming every 30 seconds and I started having urges to push.

“We’ve got to go back”, I said to my husband.

“Are you sure?”, he said, “we’ve just been sent home.”

I think the expression on my face said it all and we got back in the car. Hubby in the front driving, with me on the back seat on all fours. Sitting was not an option.

After a hairy drive where Pete had to dodge deer on the dark back roads while I was having several urges to push our baby out on the back seat, we finally made it to the hospital.

“You’re four centimetres dilated,” said the midwife.

“What?” I said, thinking surely these intense contractions should mean more than four centimetres. “Give me an epidural!”

Convinced by the midwife to try gas and air and the birthing pool first, I was transferred to the water birth labour room. It was the short walk to this room that little did we know I was going to go from 4cm to 10cm dilated! No wonder I was asking for an epidural.

While the pool was filling up and I was getting myself high on gas and air, my body took over and I started to push baby Dando out.

“Don’t push yet, you’ll hurt yourself,” said the midwife, thinking I was still just 4cm dilated.

“Can you check”, I said (ok maybe screamed) at the midwife, “I honestly think he’s coming!”

The midwife soon realised that in just 25 minutes I’d gone from 4cm to 10cm dilated. “Oh wow, yes you’re 10 centimeters dilated and ready to push”, she said and swiftly helped me into the birthing pool.

For all women who’ve had gas and air, you’ll know that high feeling is pretty amazing. With dim lights around the birthing pool and Chris Malinchak’s ‘So Good to Me’ on in the background (the midwife’s choice of song, not mine), there was a very small window where I was so high I thought I was back in Ibiza! That stuff is good shh…sugar.

Now little baby Dando did not hang around, just 16 minutes in second stage of labour in the pool (pushing him out), he was born under five hours after my waters had broken at 2.51am, weighing 7.25lbs.

“Congratulations! Do you have a name?” said the midwife.

Looking at Pete for the nod to confirm he wanted to go with the name we’d recently chosen, I looked at the midwife and smiled, “we’re going to call him Jack.”

One week on and we’ve been through a huge learning curve that’s given me more than plenty of writing material. And for those of you who enjoyed the ‘Third trimester: what they don’t tell you…‘ post, boy oh boy have I got some more fun bits to share about post-birth. I mean for a start I’m sat here writing this with cabbage leaves stuffed down my bra!

I’ll be back as and when I can grab any kind of writing time to myself.

Love me. Mummy to one week old baby Jack Dando xxx

8 thoughts on “Say hello to Jack Paul Christopher Dando

  1. I loved that blog so much I read it twice :-). You made me laugh out loud again and smile so much as my phone!!

    I can’t wait to follow the adventures of baby Jack, miss you and love you lots. Xxx

    • Miss you more Kate! Glad it made you smile 😉 hope you’re ok? Will defo get you to meet baby Jack soon! Had his first bath yesterday and he wasn’t best pleased, so will prob be calling you sooner rather than later to take over bath time 😉 xxx

  2. Hi Abbie! Congrats on baby Jack!! Hes beautiful! Same thing happened wen Zach was born! Zach was born 9:30am Tues Oct 19th my water broke in bed at 5:50am, thought i was fine 10mins later my contactions were 2mins apart! Went to the hospital! Man they take forever i thought i was going to have him right there! The nurse said oh no first time moms take forever!! She checked me at 6:30am i was 6cm dilated! The dr checked and had to get the scanner, he had turned from head down to bum breech within 24hrs! I had to have a c-section, we were going down to the ER and i was like I gotta push!! Mind you no drugs as i knew i was going to have a c-section! I was on the table at 8am zach was half out! I had no time for epidural so they put me under! He was born at 9:30am!! He wanted out!!! Hahah so compeletely get where your coming from! Dad was like what no hes here! So 3 1/2 hrs!!! But even though theres all that post stuff!! That noone tells you about! Its all worth it! Mommyhood is amazing!!! I cant believe hes going to be 4 soon! Take tons of pics and enjoy every moment! 🙂 congrats again to you and your family!


    • Aw Sara that was quick. Maybe quick labours run in the family?! Zach is just adorable! I love keeping up to date with him on Facebook. Hope you’re well? Lotsa love xxx

  3. Massive congratulations…he’s a beaut! I’m super impressed you’re blogging already – I think it took me about 6 weeks to wash my hair, let alone anything more!! Enjoy him, I know it’s a cliché but they really do grow way too fast xx

    • Thanks so much! Well this one was written while sat in my PJ’s on the sofa looking like death warmed up ha ha! I know just a week on and he’s already changing – scary. Hope you and little Ted are well. I thoroughly enjoy reading your posts and seeing what I have up ahead xxx

  4. Abs I loved reading this, thanks for sharing your experience! Reading it was like hearing you talk – it made me chuckle lots, especially the bit about gas and air! Looking forward to reading more about baby D as time goes by. Love Sal xxx

    • Ha ha well it’s nice to be able to share it with you! It was an experience, which funnily seems so long ago now! Hope you’re well and still having the most amazing time in Oz xxx miss you

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