1 minute style file: Black cotton maxi dress, New Look, was £19.99 now £14.99

1 minute style file: Black cotton maxi dress, New Look, was £19.99 now £14.99

A week or so ago when the weather finally felt like summer had arrived (typical English weather that it didn’t last), looking through my wardrobe I had an all mighty panic – what was I going to wear?

You’ll know from reading my blog that I’ve struggled throughout my pregnancy to find clothes that fit and look good, while being on trend. Why, oh why brands suddenly think you want to become ‘mumsy’ as soon as you’re pregnant is beyond me. Anyway enough of that or I won’t be able to stop the ranting…after trying on summer dress after summer dress I stumbled upon this maxi dress in New Look and instantly thought it had all of the attributes required to make a good maternity dress. And boy was I right!

So, if you’re looking for a summery number, check out the essentials below as this could possibly be the answer to all of your warmer weather wardrobe woes…


What – black, cotton maxi dress. The neckline and straps have a Grecian style plait that join into a racer back. The plait detail is repeated right under the bust-line. The perfect place to nip you in when wanting to flatter a growing bump.

Where – New Look. I found it in the store, but you can also buy it online here

How much – when I bought it the dress was priced at £19.99. Looking online for it just now I’ve seen that it’s been reduced to £14.99 – bargain!

Length – as mentioned before height is not on my side at 5 foot 2 inches, however this dress hits the floor while wearing sandals. Normally with maxi dresses I have to take them up, but I can get away with the length on this one. There might be something to be said for the very large, bowling ball bump pulling the height of the dress up mind you…

Size – I felt buzzing to be able to fit into my normal size 10. It was most probably due to the stretchy, forgiving, cotton material. But hey, I’m not going to complain.

How long will it last? Definitely to the end of my pregnancy and I will certainly wear it post-birth too. I’m pretty certain that if you’re in your first or second trimester it will last you until the end of the summer, due to the shape and fabric of the dress.

Why I like it – because it was one of the very few things I’ve put on lately that made me feel good about my bump and not like a humongous beached whale. It really flatters in all the right places. It’s a steal at £14.99 too.

Added extras – the dress also comes in navy, petrol blue and dark purple colourways. With the new reduced price I couldn’t resist but buy it in navy too (sorry Pete, busted again!)

Wear it with… sandals/flip flops and an on-trend chunky necklace. I wore a fitted, short, black cardigan with it the other day to enable me to wear it on the days that were not so warm.

If you like what you see I would recommend snapping it up quickly, as I doubt it will be available for long at the new price.

I hope it helps make your hot summer days more enjoyable, like it did mine a few weeks ago.

Love me xxx (2 weeks to go)

P.S. Shock horror, the dress yet again wasn’t in the maternity range. Just saying…*smiles*

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