1 minute style file: Zara printed dress, £35.99

1 minute style file: Zara printed dress, £35.99

Throughout my pregnancy I have found it incredibly difficult to find a dress that fits. It’s a shame as I LOVE wearing dresses, and pre-pregnancy I would have worn a dress nearly every day.

Quite early on, around 16-18 weeks, I decided to take the decision to stop wasting time trying on so many dresses desperate for them to fit, as the frustration and time spent just wasn’t worth it. I knew what fitted – maternity jeans and a top – so just had to accept that dresses would have to make a come back into my wardrobe once baby Dando was here.

So, when I found this Zara dress (that fitted!) I knew my find had to be shared.

The essentials:

What – Very small animal print, navy and white dress, with a gathering detail that sits in the middle of your back

Where – Zara (I found it online at http://www.zara.com, however I’m sure it will be in large stores too)

How much – £35.99

Length – I’m quite short at 5 ft 2 inches and the bottom of the dress comes to just above my knee. So any taller and you would be looking more at the length shown in the picture (which I will add is not me…I wish!) The sleeves are a good length as even though they cover up your entire arm, the fabric is light so I know will last an English summer

Size – I went up to a medium size. I found it to be a bit big around my waist (well what I have left of it), so have pinned it slightly at the back to bring it in. This is what I like about the dress, as where I have pinned it is where the pleats sit so you would never know it’s been adjusted. It also means I can let the dress out as I get bigger

How long will it last? As mentioned above, the pleats will enable me to let the dress out as I get bigger, so I know it will last until the end of my pregnancy

Why I like it – it made me feel girly and feminine again, rather than just a big bump! The material is very light and feels comfortable to wear, not restricting any movement

Added extras – no added extras really, but it has made me look out for dresses in a similar style with pleats at the back of the dress as I know it’s more likely to fit. Come on Zara pleeaasse give us mums-to-be another print in this style!

Wear it with…black tights and ankle boots when it’s cold. Black leggings and ballerinas or sandals when it’s warmer. Flat sandals with bare legs (as in the picture above) when it’s hot. SO flexible whatever the weather and that’s why I love it! Oh and don’t forget the chain necklace.

What has occurred to me while writing my style file is that I really have not found any good maternity clothes. Isn’t it a shame that us mums-to-be have to keep resorting back to ‘normal’ clothes because the brands just cannot get their maternity ranges right. Maybe we should all just club together and create our own maternity clothes range…

Love me xxx (6 weeks to go…eeek!)

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