1 minute style file: Next floral blouse, £22

1 minute style file: Next floral blouse, £22

I’m a massive shop-a-holic, especially when it comes to clothes and soft furnishings for our home – or trinkets as my husband, Pete, calls them. We often joke if our interior was down to him then our home would have plain walls, one plain sofa, one plain arm-chair…basically the bare necessities.

Anyway, this post is not about ‘trinkets’. As I expressed in a previous post – finding clothes to go over your bump is one constant struggle. So because I don’t want to bore you with the ins and outs of why a dress, top, or pair of trousers are great, every now and again if I find an item of clothing on my shopping trip that is ideal for growing mums-to-be I’m going to post a ‘1 minute style file’ with the essential information: whether it goes over the bump, if it will grow with you, how much, where it’s from, and basically why I like it. Hopefully it will help some shopping trips become easier!


I stumbled across this pastel floral blouse (top image) when the sun started to come out and I had nothing that was suitable and cool enough for spring. Basically, I needed something that gave my arms enough room to not get hot, without revealing too much upper arm (that I might add has gained a few extra inches and cellulite since being pregnant!).

The essentials:

What – Floral, short sleeve blouse, with a zip at the top of the back of the neck

Where – Next (in-store & online)

How much – £22

Length – sits half way down over my bottom, even going over my ever growing 33 week bump.

Size – I went up a size, to a 12, to make it big enough to fit while still sitting in the right place on my shoulders.

How long will it last? At 33 weeks I’m confident it will last until the end. If you buy it earlier in your pregnancy then because the material is not stretchy you may have to buy a size bigger in a few months time (or stock up now!)

Why I like it – it is light and cool, and goes nicely over my boobs and bump without looking too ‘tent’ like. The sleeves are just the right length to be short, yet flattering. You can still feel on-trend, rather than mumsy wearing it.

Added extras – if you like it, like I do, Next seem to have chosen this style as their staple blouse style this spring as you can get it in all kinds of patterns! You can see just some of the other patterns below the main image. I’ve gone and treated myself to the neon floral pattern (sorry Pete!) because I love the fit so much. Look online for the other patterns though as I doubt stores will hold all colourways.

Wear it with – skinny jeans and a chunky on-trend necklace.

If you have found any gems to go over a growing bump, please do feel free to share!

Love me xxx (7 weeks to go, and counting…)

2 thoughts on “1 minute style file: Next floral blouse, £22

  1. Great posts Abbie! Easy to read and there’s a happy-go-lucky feel to them (naturally!). Full of sunshine…full of pastels…brimming with smile. Keep writing! Hugs, Domi xxx

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