DreamGenii really is the dream!

DreamGenii really is the dream!

Now I respect all bloggers out there, but I never did want to become a blogger where every post was a product review. Working in PR for the last six years bloggers have become my best friends, but I would rather review products without a push in the ‘right’ direction.

I should have written about my DreamGenii pillow sooner rather than later really, as it’s been attached to me every single night since being 20 weeks pregnant. The title says it all – DreamGenii really is the dream!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I don’t think I’ve slept through the night once. I’ve certainly have not had the same quality sleep I was having before I was pregnant. Whether that’s being awake with worry, aches in my hips, aches in my back, can’t get comfortable because baby is in an awkward position, or need the toilet…let’s just say I’m happy when I don’t have to have an alarm going off! My husband and I just keep telling ourselves it’s just baby Dando preparing us for sleepless nights when he’s here. I guess, at least we’ll both be used to not having a full night sleep.

The pillow looks a bit ugly, but as soon as you use it, I promise there will be no going back.

There’s a pillow that goes up behind your back, a pillow that goes under your bump, and a long pillow that you can either have resting in between your legs, or recently I quite like resting my legs on top of it. Your hubby may feel like he has someone else in the bed with him, but he will see how happy it makes you so I’m sure he’ll get over it! It’s sad but the first night I used the pillow I woke up so happy. It really did change how I slept. I’m not saying I sleep all the way through now, because being 31 weeks pregnant I have to go to the toilet every hour on the hour (sigh), but it has certainly helped with the quality of sleep I get.

So in a nutshell, if you’re having issues sleeping GET A DREAMGENII PILLOW! I promise it will be the best £40 you’ve ever spent.


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