Baby kicking obsession!

Baby kicking obsession!

So I’m nearly at my 28 week mark and can’t believe I will be able to say I’m in my third trimester. Felt like a lifetime to wait when I was in my first trimester.

I remember around 16 weeks I felt flutters and didn’t really obsess about how many flutters I was feeling each day, but did feel excited about the harder kicks to come. I’m sure every woman who has been pregnant can sympathise with that once you do feel the kicks, instead of feeling excited (which lasts for about a day or so), you feel worry when you don’t feel them. Poor little baby can’t win!

Now at 27 and a half weeks I’m getting to know my baby’s kicking pattern: 5-6am wake up call, 11am (after a coffee/sweet treat), 1pm after lunchtime, 9pm at bedtime (yes I’m mega early shut eye these days!), 1am, 2am AND 3am….however, when the pattern doesn’t happen on any one day it’s the classic, “Oh no what’s wrong”. My day is now scheduled around ‘oh baby should be kicking soon’…am I the only mother-to-be stressing so much about a kick?!

Now I don’t want this post to be all about my worries, so I thought I’d share some funnies with you that I do to check my baby’s still in there and get him ‘to perform’:

1. Chocolate or sweets – works every time. Just a few squares of chocolate, or a few boiled sweets, and 10 minutes later I get a series of kicks.

2. Caffeine – coke, coffee or tea, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as there has caffeine in it. Again, one mug, cup or can later, and around the 10 minute mark I get the kicks I’ve been waiting for.

3. Cold water, yes cold water! Now this one only takes a couple of sips and minutes later he’ll be kicking away…(much less calorific method and better for the waistline too!)

I’d love to hear any of your weird and wonderful ‘tricks’ you do to get that reassurance that baby is ok. It makes me smile 😉

As I’ve been writing this post, you’ve guessed it I’ve been sucking on a few squares of white chocolate and was panicking that I hadn’t really felt him move today – it’s what spurred me on to write the post. And thankfully, at the end of the post I’ve had two kicks hoorah! Now I can relax and enjoy the evening.

Speak soon x

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