Countdown until we meet Baby Dando…

Countdown until we meet Baby Dando...

Baby Dando at 15 weeks. He’s now 27 weeks, and the countdown to meeting him is well and truly on!

Since the shock of finding out I was pregnant, life has not been the same, and baby is not even here yet.

We were over the moon, then anxiety set in, and now our heads are coming around to the idea and every weekend baby Dando’s ‘presence’ is becoming more apparent in our house as we build the nursery and prepare for our new arrival.

It’s already been such a life changing event (I’m sure every mum-to-be says this, so sorry for the cliche!), that I felt I just had to document our journey.

For those who read my blog, I hope what I write doesn’t bore you. I promise to be fun, honest, and as ‘google’ has become my best friend when I’ve had tweaks and twinges in my tummy, I hope this blog will help other first-time mums to be thinking “is this normal?!”.

Love Mummy Dando (to-be) xxx

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