The perfect formula for a good maternity dress…


So, like most pregnant women I’m sure, I tried to stay in my normal clothes but just wear the baggier or bigger items. However, at 24 weeks I started to feel a lot of frustration that nothing fitted or if I managed to squeeze into an item you could tell I was doing exactly that, squeezing in!

It was at this point that I gave in and started to shop around for maternity clothes, MUCH to my disappointment – they’re all either very basic styles, a bit dowdy or just very tent like. Feeling on the large side as it is, these clothes just did not make me feel ‘blooming’,

My search started online and even though the likes of Seraphine are meant to be the best (I know the Duchess often wore a Seraphine dress), I couldn’t help thinking “I’m 29 not 39!” The price tag also put me off big time. I hope to get back into my old wardrobe one day so to invest a lot of money in a whole new maternity wardrobe just makes no financial sense at all.

I then started to shop around at the likes of ASOS, New Look, TopShop and Mothercare. The latter was the only place that I can say the clothes fitted in all the right places, yet the ‘mumsy-ness’ of the clothes are just not my thing. The trendier places like ASOS have a better on trend selection, but the sizing is just all wrong. We don’t all just want to wear a tent! I have to say though that I have discovered these vests (below) at ASOS and they fit very well. It’s the only thing I’ve recently found that I’ve been happy with, so much so I bought a few of them in different colours. It looks like my staple attire from now until the end of my pregnancy is going to be jeggings, vest top and a jacket. Fine for one day but soooo BORING for the next 11 weeks!


What really made me have an urge to write this blog post though is trying to hunt for a dress for my Goddaughter and Niece’s Christening. As soon as the date was in the diary I was already in panic mode, “What am I going to wear?” The shear thought of trying to find a dress made me stressed that I decided to try and squeeze into some stretchy dresses in my wardrobe. That was my game plan until I showcased these to my own mother a week before and was met with the words, “I don’t think you’d like how you looked in any of those outfits.” You can always rely on your Mum for a bit of honesty. This is where the hunt for a dress started. All of the maternity clothes I could find online (to be honest no shops have a decent maternity range so it’s always got to be an online shop!), were so tent like or just not flattering in the slightest. Most pregnant women put on weight around their bust, upper arms, bum and thighs, so why they doesn’t anyone design dresses to flatter these areas?!

Forty, yes forty dresses later I finally found something. This M&S dress pictured above. It’s not from a maternity range at all but it has stretchy fabric, a wrap effect that flatters the stomach, 3/4 length sleeves, and is knee length, and I bought it in a size 10, which made me feel so much better about myself.

After spending a good amount of my time trying on 40 dresses I realised I have found the perfect formula for a good maternity dress:

Mid-length sleeves below the fattest part of your upper arm + stretchy fabric + V neck + knee length, just above the knee or midi length + nicely fitted under the bust = THE PERFECT MATERNITY DRESS

Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed brands will stumble across my blog and find this formula!

If you have found any good maternity clothes then I’d love to hear from you to help keep me sane for the next 11 weeks…

Love me xxx

P.S. Just 11 weeks to go…